Sole Remedy is a progressive-melancholic-metal band from Lahti, Finland. The concept of SR has always been about making something new with a soul and character of it’s own. It’s about understanding who you are and giving your utmost input. It’s about honesty to you and to others.

Story begins in 1998 when a three’s company of long-time friends; Jukka Salovaara, Henry Silmonen and Toni Mäkinen, started jamming together. As they recall, the music then was like a catalog of their influences; ranging from progressive rock to a more fusion/bluesy rock.

Somewhere along the year 2002 the music started to have heavier dimensions in it. Sole Remedy reached a certain turning point at the end of 2003 when three became four. Mikko Laine took the role as a rhythm guitarist of the group. This meant a new approach to the music. Jukka decided to focus more on vocals with Toni taking care of backing vocals as well as lead vocals.

Fast forward to year 2007. First full length album “The Wounded Ones” is finished. The album was recorded in the summer of 2007. It contains 9 tracks of melodic, raw and progressive music. “The Wounded Ones” was released as a limited edition copy in 2008 and was mainly sold on gigs.

After a bunch of gigs promoting “The Wounded Ones” the guys decided to move on and start composing their second album. It was spring 2009 when SR entered to studio and began recording “Apoptosis”. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Jukka himself, which turned out to be more than he bargained for. Long hours, stressfull days and so much frustration nearly took it’s toll but the spirit of the band kept him going on. Henkka, Mikko and Toni brought their HUGE input to the table which made the job alot easier.

“Apoptosis” consists of 10 songs combined into a concept album. It is their most ambitious and diverse piece of music to this day. There are moments of pure metal, pop and even an acoustic ballad. Alternative-progressive metal without losing the catchiness. Hard to believe it? You be the judge! “Apoptosis” was finished in summer 2009.

By the end of summer 2009 SR experienced it’s first real set-back. As of October 2009 Toni would no longer be a part of the band. The band took too much of his time as he didn’t feel he could give his all to SR although he loves the music.

Quickly after the announcement Sole Remedy found a new bass player: Artturi Sipilä. Artturi is a long-time friend of the band as well as a talented bassist so the decision was easy.

After auditioning a bunch of talented people to make Sole Remedy a 5-piece with addition of keyboards, as well as the other vocalist, the band finally found the right guy for the job: Eetu Karioja.

“Apoptosis” was released via Aftermath Music in October 2010.

2011 was a year of few ups and one big down. SR played their first gig abroad on Sunday, October 2nd, in Progpower Europe 2011 which was set in beautiful Baarlo, The Netherlands. Later that evening, after all the gigs were over, the guitarist Mikko Laine got in to a terrible car accident and was deceased immediately on October 3rd 2011. He was only 30 years old and had a whole life ahead of him. Although, he left this world unexpexted, he had a really good time being here and left with a smile on his face.

2012. The band comes to a mutual decision that it is best to go on as a trio. It means that Eetu Karioja will no longer be a part of Sole Remedy. Things have changed, future is uncertain, but one thing is sure. Sole Remedy will prevail. It will go on, for now, as a trio with Jukka on vocals&guitars, Artturi on bass and Henry on drums. SR has started to work on a new album. As always, the bar is set high. In fact, higher than ever.

We will progress, we will prevail!