January 29th, 2012

Breaking the silence. Sole Remedy & Eetu Karioja part ways.

Almost 4 months ago we lost a dear friend and a wonderful bandmate. Things have been weird since that day and we had to take a time out. Some time ago we sat down, talked some things over and discussed if there is a future for Sole Remedy. This weekend (27th to 29th of January) Jukka, Artturi and Henry played their first rehearsal together as a trio.

Changes had to be made in order to continue. No one can fill the hole that Mikko’s passing away left. Also, it was mutually decided that Eetu Karioja would no longer be a member of Sole Remedy. The time isn’t right for him as the band needs more focus now than ever.

We would like to say a Big Thank You to Eetu for the journey we had together for a couple of years. We had some good times, some great times and one huge bad time. As of this moment, Sole Remedy continues as a trio: Jukka Salovaara on vocals & guitars, Artturi Sipilä on bass and Henry Silmonen on drums.

Still, no one knows what the future holds. Sole Remedy will definitely return on live-stages some day. But with what line-up? Now, that’s the question. For now, we will focus on composing and arranging the new music to perfection as a dynamic trio. Our first impression was positive as we rehearsed 5 new songs over this weekend. Let’s hope this will be an omen for things to come!

Progressively yours,
Jukka – Artturi – Henry

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